From the Ashes

Meeting the Oracle

The scene is the beach where the party had some time ago killed a sea serpent and rescued some Pelans on a ship.

Having not participated in the first round of negotiations between the Pelans and the party, Aiden (aka Erevis) tried again to negotiate with the Pelans for assistance with killing Perditio. In speaking with Eskarian and Manat, he learned that the Mark was preparing to assault the Keyhole, where Perditio was last seen. It was proposed that the party speak with the Mark about a joint attack. Eskarian promised that, even if the Mark refused to help, the ranger would provide the party with a small force to assist.

Aiden decided this was a fair compromise but he warned them both: should it turn out, for whatever reason, that both the Mark and Eskarian failed to provide assistance, the party would keep the relic of Erathis they had found on the island of giantesses.

Before they left the beach, a very important person arrived off one of the Pelan ships. Reaching the beach in a covered palanquin carried by four large and impressive fighter-types, all of the assembled Pelans dropped to one knee when she arrived. Covered head to toe in clothing, the party couldn’t tell much about her but Manat called her the Oracle.

Long story short, she was very, very old… and blind. She was also one of the most important people in the Pelan ruling hierarchy. Eskarian told the party she was the one who approved the invasion of Naxia Minor.

The oracle took off her gloves and “looked” at each of the party members present by touching their faces and heads. She “spoke” to each in turn using telepathy.

She also told the party a little more about the relic. She said it was very, very old, of a time before the “modern” version of Erathis represented civilization, law and justice. She showed the party how the holy symbol on the relic was a triangle, representing “bastion”, “chronicler”, and “enlightenment”. There was a “flame” in the center of the triangle as well. In discussing each of the characters’ conversations with the oracle, it was decided that:

Bastion = Snorri
Chronicler = Ulf
Enlightenment = Erevis
Flame = Torvald(?)

Wake Up Call

Darkness. There is no concious thought. It is just a dream. A dark dream. Wait. There is something. A noise. A jolt. A feeling. Something is trying to break through.

The smell of damp wood and sweat.

Feeling is creeping back in. And it is not pleasant. Pain. Numbness. But it is better than the alternative. It is LIFE.

You realize there was movement. But now there is none. There is noise. Yelling. The clashing of steel. You feel hard wood beneath your bodies, rope around your wrists.

You must escape. And that time is now…


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