Pentarum is a large island in the vast sea, Oceana Verica. It is rich in diversity and danger but relatively isolated from the rest of the world. Members of every race call it’s shores home. While tensions have been known to flare, relative peace has been maintained by the Saban League, an interracial confederation of powers.

The people of Pentarum are content to keep to themselves. Events in the world outside of their calm waters are of little consequence. Of course, they are a major stop on the oceanic trade routes, and sailors like to talk…

Far to the west lies the continent of Rosetta. Once a land of small human nations, city states and their satellites, it has recently seen a massive transformation. In the tiny nation of Pella, in the farthest reaches of the east, has arisen one of the greatest generals of the age, or any age for that matter. King Basileus, all of thirty two years old, swept forth from his homeland set on conquering all of the Rosettan continent. In the fifteen years since, he has nearly brought the entire land under the rule of Pella.

Closer to Pentarum, to the west and north lie the continents Naxia, Major and Minor. The northern of the two, Naxia Major, is a populous and powerful land of riches and agriculture, loosely held together by a group of warlords. The southern continent, Naxia Minor, while supposedly holding it’s own riches, is a land of wild and unpredictable creatures and monsters out of legend. It is also nominally under the control of the warlords, although no one believes their sway extends too far into the interior.

Adventuring on the island of Pentarum has sated you for some time, but you believe your destiny holds greater things. Perhaps your desires are about to be answered. A warlord by the name of Proditio has put out the call. There are indeed riches to be had on the continent of Naxia Minor. And rewards beyond for those strong enough to enlist in his service. His ship, The Datsima, is in port this very moment seeking only the courageous…

From the Ashes

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